A Green (Smoothie) a Day


I love green smoothies for the sole reason that it’s the easiest, fastest and yummiest way to get your greens in. It might also be good for my skin (it has to be). I don’t know about all that enzymes and raw living and cold-pressed shit, I just like drinking them and I feel self-righteous after downing one – which is every day, between 3-4 pm, because that’s how I roll.

There’s a little shop close to my apartment that sells fresh fruit, and strangely, bubble tea. The shop front is laden with pineapple, papaya, bananas and a various assortment of fruit, and then there’s a small counter with a plastic cup-sealing machine where bubble tea is made and sold. I like pineapple, and they sell pre-cut pineapple pieces for the low price of $5 for a fuckton that I freeze at home and it can last for a week or more, so that’s why I get.

My fave combination is 1 cup frozen pineapple, a whole Japanese cucumber (they’re pretty skinny but they taste sweet and crunchy), 2 cups shredded romaine, 1 cup baby spinach and 1 cup baby kale leaves. It’s refreshingly hydrating, not overly-sweet, and you can’t taste the greens (I do like the taste of greens though). Give it a good-ass whirr in the blender, add water if too thick, and gulp it down straight from the blender jar/pitcher/thing.

Boom! You’re a superhero, darling.

Boring sciencey shit: for about 120 calories thereabouts, you get a ton of fibre, vitamin C, some calcium from the greens, and you’ll poop great every day.


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